"Thanks for a wonderful experience. Your B&B is beautiful, and the stories even more so."
Jack and Jackie from Hamilton, ON
March 14, 2011 
"Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing stay. We feel really cared for."
John and Michele from UK
February 2011 
"Chris, Jen and Ellie. Thank you for the wonderful stay. We really enjoyed our honeymoon! Beds so soft, breakfast so delicious, and conversation so enjoying! Thank you for your recommendations for dinner et al."
Scott and Jenna from Buffalo, USA
November, 2010 
"Thank you so much for the hospitable stay! The room was beautiful and breakfast was delightful."
Neil and Ramola
November, 2010 
"Thanks for the relaxing weekend! What a beautiful home...we'll be back."
Jean and Erik from Erie, PA
November, 2010 
"Thank you for a heavenly bed, a romantic room and warm hospitality. We love Niagara-on-the-Lake. Promise to be back!"
Debra and Peter from Ohio
October, 2010 
"Thank you so much for the wonderful stay at your very charming place - we enjoyed the time and would love to come back one day."
Tina and Peter from Tlannheim, Germany
October, 2010 
"Thanks so much for a lovely stay! Lovely room - lovely hosts!!"
Jackie & Larry from Ohio
October, 2010 
"Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. A beautiful home, delicious food and lovely hosts. We had a great time. We will be back!"
Jen and Amy Vowles from London, ON
October, 2010 
"Thank you so much for the hospitality. We really enjoyed the food, the lovely room and especially the conversations."
Rebecca Weiss, Dimitri Hatzifotinus
October, 2010 
"Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality at the Historic Pacific. It felt like the right place to "pop the question". We have had an amazing time here. Guaranteed, we will be back again."
Shawna and Mick from Toronto, ON
October, 2010 
"We had a wonderful anniversary at your B&B. Breakfast was delicious."
Jamie and Lori Gardner from Burlington, ON
October, 2010 
"Thanks for a wonderful stay for our first anniversary. We will certainly be back again!"
Bryan and Julie Tripp
October, 2010 
"What a terrific start to the Historic Pacific you've given the B&B's future path. We'll continue to return to your "path" for your orange reductions and a perfect location."
James and Madlon Laster from Winschester, VA
September, 2010 
"This is the most relaxed, homiest B&B we have ever stayed in. Of course the location is great and the breakfasts wonderful. But it is your style of hospitality that makes the place. Thanks!"
Des and Phil Canuto
September, 2010 
"This has been a lovely visit and we appreciated all your very useful advice."
Jennie and David Rothwell from Garett Park, MI
September, 2010 
"Great location, beautiful home and wonderful company. We enjoyed it so much we will definitely be back!"
Catherine and Martin from Philadelphia
September, 2010 
"Thanks for an absolutely wonderful stay! Our 3rd stay here but 1st time since you took over. You're doing a great job! The place looks fantastic and breakfast were amazing! We look forward to coming back next year!
Stephanie and James Niedermier from Cuyahoga Falls, OH
September 3-6, 2010 
"Wow! Thanks so much for your generous hospitality, beautiful home and delicious breakfasts - you've found your calling! See you next year!"
Marry Ann and Randy
September, 2010 
"Thank you for a wonderful, tasteful, full of special touches respite!"
Mike and Sharon Campbell from Syracuse, NY
August, 2010 
"Awesome place, warm comfortable atmosphere, and the 2 of you are perfect hosts. We'll happily tell our friends where to stay in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Thanks for a wonderful visit!"
Tom and Emma
August, 2010 
"We had a great time! You have done a great job on the house. The decor and the food was superb. Loved everything. We will be back.
Bob and Gail from Stratford
August, 2010 
"What a wonderful, magical place. Beautiful ambience, food and people! Look forward to seeing you again soon!"
Drue Murman from Cleveland, Ohio
August, 2010 
"Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend. You are superb hosts and we had a fantastic stay. Your 5 star breakfasts and coffee were a weekend favorite. We will definitely be back next summer."
Cathy & James McGlynn from Toronto, ON
August 8, 2010 
"Thank you very much for everything. The room was wonderful and the breakfast were gourmet quality. Best of all though was chatting with both of you and the other guests. All in all one of the best weekends we've ever had! Thanks!"
Tyson and Sunitha from Toronto, ON
August 8, 2010 
"A fabulous stay...superb breakfasts, inviting and comfortable home, wonderful hosts. Chris and Jen, Thank you for all the little things that made this stay the best experience on our trip thus far. We'll be back in a flash and we will highly recommend this B&B to our friends and family. We're sad to leave."
Johanna and Dave Besuyen from Edmonton, AB
August, 2010 
"Dear Chris and Jen and Ellie, Thank you so much for a lovely time in your home. You're both delightful people and we'll certainly be back. We stayed in all three rooms and ALL were wonderful."
Tom Fulton and Kathy Hardety from U.S.A.
August 3-7, 2010 
"Chris and Jen. This was an amazing trip. Niagara-on-the-Lake is truly beautiful and having a place like yours is what makes it all the more enjoyable. We've so enjoyed our conversations and I have to say, I can't tell you how well we've slept. We'll be back!"
Amza and Susanna Ali from Jamaica
August, 2010 
"Wonderful hosts, lovely home, great meals. We love this B&B and Chris and Jen. Thank you for your hospitality and your excellent breakfasts."
Tony & Silvana Lento from Toronto, ON
August, 2010 
"Dear Jen and Chris. We had a wonderful time in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Thank you for your hospitality, warmth and great breakfasts. All the best..."
Mary Reed and Aubrey from Ottawa, ON
August 2, 2010 
"Thanks so much for our enjoyable stay at your lovely home. Best wishes..."
Geep and Lisa Maley from Plano, Texas
July 2010 
"Jen & Chris. You're the best - we've had a fantastic experience with you. We're going home having been absolutely spoiled. We'll be back - count on us!"
The Haggerty's from Syracuse, New York
July 2010 
"Jen & Chris (and Ellie)! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. We loved our stay and will definitely recommend you to our friends."
Diane Lang and Bob Yost from Hanover, ON
July 18, 2010 
"May this house share many great conversations. laughs and company for you. Congratulations on your beautifully decorated B&B. Best wishes..."
Andrea & Benoit Larouche from Toronto
July 13, 2010 
"Thank you so much Jen and Chris, we had a lovely time and enjoyed your hospitality. What a lovely place you have here, it was a wonderful experience. Scott will definitely miss Ellie. We will definitely be back..."
Debbie & Scott from Toronto
July 11-12, 2010 
"Jen and Chris, Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Your B&B is beautiful and our room relaxing. Just what we needed to enjoy a weekend away from the 'rate race'. Thank you! My first B&B experience ever and I loved the entire experience. P.S. Ellie, you rock!"
Lynn & Mike from Michigan
July 10-11, 2010 
"Chris and Jen, Thanks for an amazing stay and for your hospitality. We loved the room and the delicious breakfast. You're great! We will definitely come back!"
Voya & Laura from Toronto
July 3-4, 2010 
"Thank you so much for your hospitality and the delicious breakfast. We will definitely be back soon. Oh, and we love Ellie."
Sanjeev & Romana from Toronto
July 3, 2010 
"Thanks for the great hospitality and food! The house is beautiful. You have done a wonderful job!"
Uncle Roger & Aunt Linda from Embro
July 2-3, 2010 
"What a fabulous stay, beautiful accommodation, great food and best of all, great people! Thank you so much for this relaxing and luxurious holiday!"
Lauren & Mike from Toronto
July 1-2, 2010 
"Thank you so much for such an absolutely wonderful weekend! Our room was precisely the romantic and relaxing space we were looking for... You have a charming establishment and we hope to return again..."
Jennifer & Brad from Toronto
June 26, 2010 
"Thank you for your warm hospitality and sharing your beautiful home with us and your lovely dog Ellie. Breakfast was spectacular and we both look forward to our next stay soon."
Mike & Susan from Toronto
June 19, 2010 
"Thank you for the wonderful stay. The food was excellent, the hosts were extremely accommodating and friendly and the backyard was splendid!"
Alana & James from Toronto
June 19, 2010 
"Very welcoming, comfortable. Five star breakfast! Thank you!
Lee & John from Newington, NH
June 12, 2010 
"Thanks very much for the excellent weekend!"
Ryan & Alex from Toronto
June 11-13, 2010 
"What wonderful breakfasts... Thank you."
Monica from Owen Sound
June 5-7, 2010 
"Thanks so much for the wonderful stay. Awesome breakfasts!"
Katie & Christopher from Toronto
May 30, 2010 
"We had a great stay. You made us feel very welcome, more like friends then guests. All the best. We will definitely stay again."
Leanne & Dean from Toronto
May 26-28, 2010 
"Thank you so much for your heartwarming welcome."
Takayoshi & Yoko from Tokyo, Japan
May 21, 2010 
"Thank you very much for an excellent weekend! Breakfast was delicious, every morning something different and you were very good to accommodate Karina's dietary needs."
Karina & Andy from North Bay
May 21-May 24, 2010 
"Jen, I want all your recipes! Breakfasts were to die for. Thanks for such wonderful hospitality. Hope to be back soon. Wish you all the success!"
Dave & Colleen from Sarnia
May 22-May 24, 2010 
"Had a great time! We will be back."
Doug & Sandy from Camlachie
May 22-May 24, 2010